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Re: [Maria-discuss] Known limitation with TokuDB in Read Free Replication & parallel replication ?


Rich Prohaska <prohaska7@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I rearranged the tokudb lock request wait function a little bit, and got
> the lock tree unit tests to compile again (since the API changed).  commit
> on this tree:  https://github.com/prohaska7/mariadb-server/tree/toku_opr3


So I took a look at the complete patch we have so far, thinking what remains
to do to get this included in main MariaDB.

Do you have any suggestions for how/whether to upstream the TokuDB parts? I
assume the new kill_query functionality would make sense to upstream. The
callback to report waits could be upstreamed, but would not be used in
non-mariadb builds, probably. And the actual
tokudb_lock_wait_needed_callback() would probably not be upstreamed (or
would go in #ifdef MARIADB_BASE_VERSION perhaps). Any thoughts?

I still need to look into the should_retry_lock_requests, currently I get
hangs if it is enabled. And I want to see if the wait_needed_callback
interface can be cleaned up a bit. Otherwise the patch looks fairly complete
to me, do you agree?

I think this could go in 10.1, to fix optimistic parallel replication with
TokuDB (which does not currently work at all).

 - Kristian.

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