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Questions on recent window function code changes


Hi Vicențiu,

> item_windowfunc.cc|168| peer_tracker = new Group_bound_tracker(thd, window_spec->order_list);
> item_windowfunc.cc|176| peer_tracker = new Group_bound_tracker(thd, window_spec->order_list);
> item_windowfunc.cc|218| peer_tracker = new Group_bound_tracker(thd, window_spec->order_list);

Coding style violation: Use peer_tracker=. 

> sql_window.cc:
>    // TODO check if this can be placed outside the loop.
>    err= tbl->file->ha_update_row(tbl->record[1], tbl->record[0]);

Yes, it should be. Can you try it? (and if it doesn't work that's surprising
and we could discuss why..)

> grep fech_prev_row *.h *.cc
> sql_window.cc|633| bool fetch_prev_row()

This function is not used anymore?

> static bool is_computed_with_remove(Item_sum::Sumfunctype sum_func)

What is the difference between this function and Item_sum::supports_removal ?
Does one imply/require the other?

> sql_window.h
> /*
>   This handles computation of one window function.
>   Currently, we make a spearate filesort() call for each window function.
> */
> class Window_func_runner : public Sql_alloc

Both statements in the comment are not true anymore, right? 
Can you update the comment?

> sql_window.cc
>  /*
>     Regular frame cursors add or remove values from the sum functions they
>     manage. By calling this method, they will only perform the required
>     movement within the table, but no adding/removing will happen.
>  */
>  void set_no_action()
>  {
>    perform_no_action= true;
>  }

Is there any difference between perform_no_action=true and
Frame_cursor::sum_functions being an empty list? Please clarify.

> sql_window.cc
> /*
>   A class that owns cursor objects associated with a specific window function.
> */
> class Cursor_manager

But as I understand, your recent changes make window functions share the frame

That is, window frame has its cursors, and all window functions that are
sharing the frame, share the cursors.

Is Cursor_manager still needed?

Sergei Petrunia, Software Developer
MariaDB Corporation | Skype: sergefp | Blog: http://s.petrunia.net/blog