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Re: [MariaDB/server] Compressed binary log (#247)


Simon Mudd <simon.mudd@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> This would result in higher overhead on each event. There is a fixed header

> Ok. I’ve been assuming the headers were small (from some casual browsing of things
> related to the binlog router some time ago), but that may be wrong.

Yes, they are quite small, 10-20 bytes per event or something like that.

> Indeed, one of the things about the current binlog format is that there’s little
> complete documentation outside of the code. Code changes and there’s no
> clear specification. It makes things much better if what’s currently implicit is
> explicit and also if the specs are outside of the code.  That’s something I

Tell me about it ... it is _very_ hard to change most anything in
replication without breaking some odd corner somewhere.

> Fixing the case for RBR is good but I feel the focus may be too narrow,
> especially if the approach can be used more generically.
> I certainly have some SBR machines which generate large volumes of bin logs
> and to be able to compress the events they generate on disk would be most helpful.

Right. This patch compresses query events (ie. statement-based updates) and
row-events, so both of these are covered. LOAD DATA INFILE in statement mode
is not (but in row-based mode it should be, I think).

 - Kristian.

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