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MariaDB connectors - dynamic libraries for Fedora (and all OSs that forks from it)


Hello all,

I am new guy, who tries to add MariaDB connectors to Fedora. (And in the
future, probabbly most of the MariaDB stuff will rest on me in Fedora)

So far I encountered one great issue.

In Fedora, we only use dynamic libraries (which makes, for example,
maintaining different packages with same library much much easier).
But you guys, you don't seem like you are all for it.

Right now, I stopped at mariadb-connector-odbc package.
There is an issue, which makes it unusable when build as a dynamic library.
In that moment, it uses stuff from library of connector C, but connector C
library seems to keep its secrets to itself - concretely wrapper functions.

Here are impossible solutions:
* use static libraries in Fedora (can't - dynamic libys are one of the
fundamental things in Fedora, same priority as use only FOSS)
* link odbc connector towards mariadb-libs (can't - connectors are meant as
replacement for mariadb-libs)

Here are some solutions that are at least not denied by deafult:
* start to support building all of your components as dynamic libraries
(Best solution for us (for Fedora), because the closer to upstream code we
are, the better. Needless to say, over 40 OSs forks somehow from Fedora)
* export everything from C connector library (I assume, that is not what
you want to do)
* export just what is used by other components - mainly wrappers - some
exaples for ODBC connector: my_no_flags_free, my_malloc,
my_charset_utf8_general_ci, my_strndup, my_realloc, my_strdup,
my_snprintf (Compromise
for both sides, but can rise more issues later)

Are there any reasons to not support dynamic libraries?

What could be the best solution from your point of view?



Michal Schorm
Core Services - Databases Team
mail: mschorm@xxxxxxxxxx
Brno-IRC: mschorm

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