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Re: security spring cleaning in MariaDB org on github


Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> But I certainlly trust you to be one of them, so if you'd want have
> owner access for mariadb org on github, you can have it, I think. That
> would mean actually using it, making changes as needed, on a regular
> basis.

Well, I'm happy to help with managing the repo, of course. Like, you
mentioned debugging buildbot hooks, which I am already doing (or was...).

Actually, I wanted to clean up unsed branches in the repo, but I'll send out
that separately.

> Not exactly. I've said in an earlier email that I'd rather made all the
> admin information visible for everyone - there is nothing there that
> should be hidden (besides authentication tokens, obviously).

The Admin team itself is not visible. Maybe it's just the "Visible" setting
that needs to be set under "Edit Team"?

 - Kristian.