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Re: Please review a fix for MDEV-10780 (and likely for MDEV-10806 and MDEV-10910)


Hello Elena,

On 11/09/2016 08:38 PM, Elena Stepanova wrote:
Hi Bar, Sanja,

On 11/09/2016 06:28 PM, Alexander Barkov wrote:
Hello Sanja, Elena, Wlad,

Sanja, please review a patch for MDEV-10780.

The patch is for 10.1. I could not reproduce it in 10.0.
But it should be safe to push it into 10.0 anyway.

Yes, please push into 10.0 if it's safe enough, I am still getting it
rather easily on the current 10.0 tree by running the test from the
description with --repeat=N (I run with N==100, but it actually crashes
on the 2nd iteration at the moment).


Can you please check if it fixes MDEV-10910 and MDEV-10806 as well?


This patch is most likely fixing MDEV-10806 (assigned to Sanja)
and MDEV-10910 (assigned to Elena).


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