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[Commits] 1c9da8d: MDEV-9312: storage engine not enforced during


Hi Nirbhay,

   if (IF_WSREP(thd->wsrep_applier,1))




This code in commit , breaks log writing on other nodes(In galera) , It sets
the thd->variables to global system variable.
And this

if (wsrep_emulate_bin_log || !(thd->variables.option_bits & OPTION_BIN_LOG))

code here make write_transaction_to_binlog() function exit.

I am unable to understand purpose of applying plugin_thdvar_init(thd);
 for wsrep_applier threads.
Because this is applied on first thread only and not applied to
remaining threads.
Sachin Setiya
Software Engineer at  MariaDB

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