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10.3 branches


  Hello Serg, all,

A few weeks ago I created a new branch "10.3" and pushed
essential patches needed for the compatibility project.

It worked as follows:
- In 10.3:
  git rebase origin/10.2
  git push --force

- In bb-10.2-compatibility:
  git rebase origin/10.3
  git push --force

Now as other developers start to push into 10.3, this won't work
anymore. We briefly discussed with Monty that, as the compatibility
project should be as stable as possible and merging all 10.3 patches
into bb-10.2-compatibility is not desirable, we could try something
like this:

Add a new branch (Monty proposed "10.3-base" as the name)
and propagate changes as follows:

- In 10.3-base:
  git rebase origin/10.2
  git push --force

- In bb-10.2-compatibility
  git rebase origin/10.3-base
  git push --force

- In 10.3:
  git merge origin/10.3-base
  git push  (no --force)

10.2 ---(rebase)--->10.3-base--(rebase)-->bb-10.2-compatibility
  |                   |
(merge)            (merge)
  |                   |
  V                   |

Any objections about this scheme?

I'd only propose to use "10.2-ext" instead of "10.3-base",
as this intermediate branch is going to be more 10.2 than 10.3.


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