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Please review MDEV-11134 Assertion `fixed' failed in Item::const_charset_converter(THD*, CHARSET_INFO*, bool, const char*)


Hello Sergei,

can you please review a fix for MDEV-11134.

I made it the easiest way, just fixed the assert to cover this special
case when Item_param::safe_charset_converter() is called from

But perhaps it can be done in different ways:

1. Do call fix_fields()
- Fix mysql_prepare_create_table() to call fix_fields.
- Fix Item_param::cleanup() not to set fixed to false.


2. Sync Item_param::fixed with Item_param::basic_const_item()
- Fix Item_param::set_xxx() to set both state=XXX_VALUE and fixed=true.
- Fix Item_param::cleanup() not to set fixed to false (like in #1)


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