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Re: check_sql_mode


Hi, jerome!

On Dec 27, jerome brauge wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to add an option to sql_mode.
> For this, I'm adding in sql_class.h :
> #define MODE_CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL    (1ULL << 32)
> But now, my serveur doesn't start and show "Sysvar 'sql_mode' failed 'def_val <= my_set_bits(typelib.count)'"
> The problem seems to be in sys_vars.ic (Sys_var_set) :
>   {
>     option.var_type|= GET_SET;
>     global_var(ulonglong)= def_val;
>     SYSVAR_ASSERT(typelib.count > 0);
>     SYSVAR_ASSERT(typelib.count <= 64);
>     SYSVAR_ASSERT(def_val <= my_set_bits(typelib.count));
>     SYSVAR_ASSERT(size == sizeof(ulonglong));
>   }
> Function my_set_bits works on 32bit and typelib.count may be up to 64.
> In my case typelib.count is 33 and my_set_bits(33) returns 1, and the assert is false.

I'd say it's a bug.
It seems that we didn't have any Sys_var_set variable with more than 32
elements in the set yet, so it didn't show up.

To continue, I think, you can fix my_set_bits to work on ulonglongs.
Or create a second my_set_bits64().

Btw, I suspect you'll see more sql_mode issues caused by you going
over 32 bits.

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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