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Re: Total No of events in event group.


Sachin Setiya <sachin.setiya@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Can we do something like send total no of  Rows_log_events in a event
> group to slave. We can write this info in Gtid_log_event. Reason for
> doing this is that on slave we can show how much progress we have
> made.

My immediate impression is that this sounds like a bad idea.

It increases the binlog size without adding any real information - after all
the event count can be determined easily by just reading the events.

It also requires careful design and testing for impact on forwards- and
backwards compatibility.

And event count is not a very meaningful progress indicator. One event group
could have 10 Rows_log_event each with a single row operation. While another
could have a single Rows_log_event that contains a hundred row operations.

And why only rows event? What about Query_log_events in a transaction in
statement-based replication?

 - Kristian.