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MDEV-11829 - Questions on timezones


I am working on a patch for adding datetime parsing support for RFC3339 as
reported in MDEV-11829.

In examining methods to use the provided offset to convert the parsed
datetime to the timezone of mariadb. I have some questions on the
my_system_gmt_sec function in sql-common/my_time.c .

>From testing on linux (rhel 7 and gentoo), it seems the timezone computed
by my_system_gmt_sec is off by 7200 seconds and has a inverse sign. I am
trying to determine why this is and if it is designed to be this way. From
the comments in the file, it seems my_system_gmt_sec was designed
specifically due to cross-platform issues. However there is no mention that
it the timezone computed is suppose to be off or have an inverse sign.

I could not find any usages of the my_time_zone global variable or where
another function used the timezone computed by my_system_gmt_sec, so this
might not effect anything, but I wanted some clarification.

Here is some testing results:
| ---------------------------- | ------------------------------------------
| -------------- |
|   Server TimeZone     |  my_system_gmt_sec timezone | Difference |
| ---------------------------- | ------------------------------------------
| -------------- |
| -18000 (-05:00 EST)  |                    25200                      |
   43200   |
|  3600 (+01:00 CET)   |                    -10800                     |
   14400   |
|     0 (+00:00 GMT)     |                     7200                       |
     7200     |
| ---------------------------- | ------------------------------------------
| -------------- |

In testing I've been able to determine that  the 7200 second deviation is
caused by compensating for the "-3600" seconds twice, first in setting an
initial timezone in my_init_time:

Inside my_system_gmt_sec the "current_timezone" is set to the
"my_time_zone" which is at 3600 initially. Then below another 3600 is added
to the timezone computation:

The diff variable that is computed has the correct offset, with an inverse
sign. If current_timezone were set to "diff" then it would have the correct
timezone but again with an inverse sign. The inverse sign comes from the
doing t - l_time instead of l_time - t.

Should the timezone computed have an inverse sign? Is there a reason it is
offset by 7200 seconds? Perhaps the behavior is different on other
platform, that I have not tested.

Thank you,

Seth Shelnutt