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Re: bb-10.2-compatibility


Hello Jerome,

On 02/09/2017 02:54 PM, jerome brauge wrote:
> Hello,
> I come back with a question on functions.
> On Oracle, there is only one difference between a function and a stored procedure : the return code.
> On Mariadb, stored functions are more limited : 
>  - Recursive stored functions are not allowed
>  - Explicit or implicit commit is not allowed in stored function
>  - in out parameter are not allowed (MDEV-10654)
>  - no dynamic sql (execute immediate)

Thanks for bringing this up!

Gnerally the intent is to be as compatible with Oracle
as possible when running with sql_mode=ORACLE.
So we should definitely implement this eventually.

I have created these sub-tasks under "MDEV-10764 PL/SQL parser - Phase 2":

MDEV-12032 sql_mode=ORACLE: recursive stored functions
MDEV-12033 sql_mode=ORACLE: transactions in stored functions
MDEV-12034 Dynamic SQL in stored functions

But I can't give a precise time frame estimation when we'll
be able to work on this.

Currently we're working on MDEV-10142 and its sub-tasks.
There are still 15 out of 42 sub-tasks to be done.
But some subtasks will probably move from MDEV-10142 (phase#1)
to MDEV-10764 (phase#2).

> Have you planned to remove these limits?
> If not, we'll have to find the best workarounds to use stored procedures (and find a solution to mimic a return code)

Right, workarounds with wrapping a procedure into a function are
possible. For example, I found this page:


> Best regards,
> Jérôme.

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