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Queries on ticket MDEV-7502(GSOC)


Hi, Vishwanath!

Hello MR. Sergei,

 I am Vishwanath Bharadwaj and I've contacted you earlier regarding
the project.
With the help of the code Kristian provided in the comment section of the
ticket I was able to review the code of the project proceedings till date.
I was very much impressed by the way it has been implemented. I don't have
any major queries (just some minor issues on the implementation of the
semaphores). I've also familiarized myself with some code of both statement
based binary logging and row- based logging. I would also like to get into
the details of what the provisioning mode permissions are? And the method
of using the primary key to identify the remaining chunk is not quite
effective because weare limiting the options only to tables with primary
keys. This is quite a unique and interesting project and I'm looking
forward to working and discussing with you on the same.

 Thank you:)

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