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Re: Please review patch for 12017 and 12018.


Hi Sachin!

I'll review the patch. If Monty wants to chip in he can do so.

1. Indentation is wrong for the patch, you have an extra step of
2. I would use only one return true statement, after the if/else statement.
3. For singular subject sentence use does instead of do. So:
'Flashback does not support %s'. Same for the error message 'MariaDB Galera
does not support binlog format: %s'
4. A testcase would be really useful for this.


On Fri, 7 Apr 2017 at 09:46 Sachin Setiya <sachin.setiya@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Monty!,

Please review patch for 12017 and 12018 . this patch solves both the

Sachin Setiya
Software Engineer at  MariaDB