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Weekly Progress Report of the Project


Hi all,
        I am Ankit Kumar and I have been selected to work on allowing
multiple authentication methods to same user. These are the few things I
did this week-
        1. Setted up Development environment on Windows.
            Resolved few issues which I was facing, some MariaDB members
really helped me whenever I needed their help.
        2. Read the Testing Framework Documentation of MariaDB in order to
see how testing is performed.
        3. I have been regularly communicating with the Mentor and other
MariaDB Contributors in order in get deep insight of the problems that I
would be working on during Coding Period.

        These are some basic things that I would need during official
coding period, so I wont be wasting time on such things. Now I can get
Started with my project.

IRC Nick- AspiringMind

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