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Re: NUMA Support in MariaDB


Hi, Sumit!

On Sep 16, Sumit Lakra wrote:

> The project 'NUMA Support in MariaDB' is still incomplete and like I
> mentioned in my mails to my mentors, I am still willing to work on it
> and see it through to the end.

Great, thanks!

> Most of the minor tasks along with some important tasks are already
> complete. The important part that remains is to work on the task-queue
> interface between SQL and InnoDB. I was unable to implement this for
> the NUMA case and I won't be able to complete it without some help.
> So, do you think you can connect me with someone from the
> MariaDB/InnoDB/MySQL team who is an expert of this interface? I will
> need someone who has a very good understanding of the present
> structure to help me come up with a way to implement this for the NUMA
> case. If you do find someone who can be of help, please see to it that
> since GSoC is over (and otherwise as well), it shouldn't be a
> Student-Mentor kind of thing, but more like two or more developers
> working together trying to come up with a solution to this problem.

Why wouldn't you ask the question on the maria-developers@ mailing list?
I'll try to make sure that it'll be answered.

> However, if you are unable to connect me with someone who has
> expertise in the handler interface, I am afraid I won't be able to
> complete this project on my own. In this case, would you like me to
> create a pull request of the work done so far (
> https://github.com/theGodlessLakra/server/tree/NUMA_Support). Although
> NUMA Support is incomplete, merging this code to the MariaDB code base
> will allow other developers to continue working on this.

Is it sufficiently complete to be useful as is?

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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