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Re: MDEV-13417 / MDEV - 13418 The order of evaluation of SELECT..INTO assignments


Hi Jerome,

Can you please split the patch:
extract and send the patch for MDEV-13417 first.
Sergei will review it.

As for the MDEV-13418 part, I have an idea how to reuse a lot of code
from MDEV-10591.


On 09/07/2017 06:32 PM, jerome brauge wrote:
> Hello Sergei,
> Here is a patch for MDEV-13417 and MDEV-13418.
> Until you choose the right name for this new sql_mode, I temporarily chosen "SET_CONSISTENCY".
> It is set only for sql_mode=oracle for now.
> Can you review it ?
> Thank you.
> Regard.

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