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Re: Wording suggestion?


Hi, Russell!

On Jan 29, Russell J.T. Dyer wrote:
> Is this mode related only to UPDATE and this feature?  If so, maybe it
> could be something like one of these:
> update_static
> update_stasis
> update_isolation
> These would focus on the fact that it's related just to UPDATE and that the
> values held in a state temporarily, or in isolation of each other.

Sorry, I should've said earlier.

It's not only for update. There is a patch to fix SELECT ... INTO, and I
suppose we'll have "simultaneous assignment" behavior everywhere

So, I'm leaning towards either simultaneous_assignment or
simultaneous_set as mode names. The first is more exact, but it's rather
long (sql_mode names range from 3 to 26 characters, and this one is 23).
The second (with 16) fits right in the middle of the range, length-wise.
But there's no SET keyword in SELECT ... INTO.
On the other hand, there's no ASSIGNMENT keyword anywhere either :)

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