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Re: 108cdbf: MDEV-10871 Add logging capability to pam_user_map.c


Hi, Alexey!

On Mar 23, Alexey Botchkov wrote:
> > Technically yes, there can be many arguments.
> BTW i think some other arguments make sence.
> We can specify the configuration file name in arguments (now it's hardcoded
> as "/etc/security/user_map.conf"),
> then we can specify some 'user: user_map' pairs as arguments,
> to make an addition to what is in the user_map.conf or we can go by
> withouth the .conf
> file at all.
> Is it worth adding the todo-mdev?

File name — makes sense, user:map pairs probably not, I don't remember
any other pam module doing that.

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