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Re: Fwd: [Commits] b32031991e4: initial oracle parser fix


Am 10.04.2018 um 10:58 schrieb Alexander Barkov:
   Hello Sanja,

I reviewed your recent changes in "10.3-MDEV-11953"
(and the attached additional patch for sql_yacc_ora.yy)

I have some proposals:

1. Can you please move huge pieces of the code from sql_yacc.yy to LEX
or other relevant classes?

It makes the grammar much more readable (patches are aslo much more

I'd move the relevant pieces of the code to LEX as a separate patch,
even before fixing the grammar.

2. You're adding too many main_select_push() and pop_select().
Please move them to upper level rules (it should be possible in many cases).

Add new helper rules when needed.
For example, this piece of code repeats many times:

+          {
+            if (Lex->main_select_push())
+              MYSQL_YYABORT;
+          }
+          expr
+          {
+            Lex->pop_select(); //main select
+            $$= $3;

It deserved a rule, say, expr_with_select_push_pop.
You can find a better name :)

- Serg and I spent a lot of time working on this task:
   MDEV-8909 union parser cleanup
   (and its 13 dependency tasks, and 3 related tasks,
    see the "Issue links" section in MDEV).

We think that it should be the parser who disallows bad grammar, instead
of post-analysis with raising errors like
Please keep using the same approach.
The task did not made parser recognizing brackets, and I have no ideas how to return parser errors when all SELECT parsed in the same way in difference from the previous parser which could recognize only one level of SELECTs.


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