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GSoC 2018 - MDEV-12313 - 30th of April -> 6th of May Update



First of all, I want to thank you for accepting me for this years GSoC. I
plan to do my best during the following months in order to implement the
SQL Statement specified in the proposal.


In the last week (30th of April to 6th of May) I have started the first
task of the proposal, specifically extending the grammar. After receiving
some initial hints from Mr. Ciorbaru, concerning where to start looking in
the files ( ANALYZE_SYM in sql/sql_yacc.yy ), I quickly discovered I have
no knowledge of GNU Bison.

I took my time to look through the GNU Bison online documentation, I have
compiled tests and written code in order to better understand parsing. Now,
sql_yacc.yy is starting to make sense, which is why I plan to finish the
parsing part of the project by Sunday (13th of May).

Until 15th of June my schedule will be quite busy because finals are
approaching. You can still contact me by e-mail. Advice and constructive
criticism is always much appreciated.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity.