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Binlog handling of faulty DDL query


Hi Everyone!

Suppose this case

  user1@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'BsG9#9.cem#!85',
  user2@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'x';

user2 has too short passowrd which will give error (if we use security plugin)

IN the case of *mariadb* we will create user1 and wont create user2
In the case of *mysql (8.0)* we will return error and we will not
create any user

Our approach create a lots of problem for binary log and
replication(MDEV-14716, MDEV-16728)
Because in Query_log_event::write() we write the whole query not the
parts of it.
So we have 2 options to solve this either write modified query into
binlog or do what mysql does.

So what you think , which approach we should use ? Or there is another
better way ?

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