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Re: Correct parsing of BINLOG 'XXX' with comment inside


Hi Sachin,

On 09/10/2018 03:47 PM, Sachin Setia wrote:
> Hi Bar,
> Currently if we have generated the sql file using mysqlbinlog -v and
> if we have big statement binlog
> , then mysqlbinlog add comment in between of Binlog 'XXX' statement ,
> but unfortunately base64_decode
> does not understands it, and it through error since # is not a base64 char
> This patches solves this.

Note, base64_decode() is used in at least two places:
- for the binary log
- for the SQL function FROM_BASE64()

I don't like that your patch changes the behavior of the SQL function
FROM_BASE64(). It should not recognize any '#' inside the base64 data
as comments.

So perhaps this should be fixed in some other place, not in base64_decode().

I checked the output of these commands:

./bin/mysqlbinlog      ./data/retsina-bin.000003
./bin/mysqlbinlog -vvv ./data/retsina-bin.000003

It looks suspicious for me.

Can you please remind why mysqlbinlog prints multiple base64 chunks
inside the same BINLOG statement?

>From my understanding, it is "mysqlbinlog -vvv" who should be fixed
to print good base64 data inside the string literal that follows the
BINLOG keyword.

At least  the additional comments printed by -vvv should be outside of
the BINLOG statement (presumably before), not inside.


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