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Re: 9b453c1ebf4: MDEV-10963 Fragmented BINLOG query


Hi, Andrei!

On Sep 21, andrei.elkin@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > Please, make it
> >
> >   BINLOG CONCAT(@binlog_fragment_0, @binlog_fragment_1)
> >
> > that'll work with no questions asked, everybody understands what it
> > means. The parser doesn't need to accept an arbitrary expression
> > here, it'd be simpler and safer to hard-code the syntax as above.
> after some struggling with the parser I "succumbed" to chose
>   BINLOG DEFRAGMENT(@binlog_fragment_0, @binlog_fragment_1)
> Parser was too cruel on me thinking of
>   CONCAT '('
> as a function_call_generic to conduct all those actions. And while
> BINLOG CONCAT(...) remained working, an ordinary SET @var=CONCAT(...)
> errored out wit wrong syntax.

Nope, function_call_generic won't work there. I'll be too, well,
generic, and you don't want to allow an arbitrary expression there, do

Make it very specific:

  BUNLOG_SYM CONCAT_SYN '(' '@' ident_or_text ',' '@' ident_or_text ')'

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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