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New Foundation Buildbot and Github build status push


Hi all,

For the past 6 months we have been working on a new Buildbot deployment at:


Currently we have docker x64 builders for all supported Linux platforms (aptly named quick builders, since they all finish a build + default MTR under 40 minutes):

We are working on adding builders for all the other supported targets in the near future as well as acquiring more building power to accommodate for --big and more extensive/complex tests. We are open to donations in that regard.

Saved package artifacts can be accessed from any individual build log via the "Download" link or directly from here:

The configuration and associated documentation can be found in the tools repo:

We encourage collaboration and are open to pull requests, you can do so for adding new builders, fixing build steps or adjusting the docker images available in the dockerfiles/ sub-directory, etc..

Currently we consider this deployment in beta phase and have enabled Github status push for the main repo for direct code pushes as well as pull requests. The build status shows up in the same Github widget as Travis does and you can follow any individual report to the actual buildbot log via the links. Sample report for a push:


Sample PR:

Reproducing Linux failures are facilitated by the Dockerfiles available in the tool's repo, which are used by the Buildbot master to create the build environment on the docker enabled workers:


Ideally, any developer should pay attention to these build failures on Github and attempt to fix any issues before merging into the main branches. While in beta, we are trying to weed out environmental or configuration failures too, so please report those as you come by them so we can fix them.

The end goal is to enable protected branches, where any individual change has to pass a certain selection of robust tests before merging, which ultimately, would ensure that the MariaDB code is in a releasable state after any individual commit.

We welcome feedback, improvement suggestions and any particular questions you might have about the current setup and future plans.

We will check-in from time to time as we have more goodness to show.

Best regards,

Developer, Infra
MariaDB Foundation