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Re: c39f74ce0d9: MDEV-16974 Application period tables: UPDATE


Hi, Nikita!

On Jan 30, Nikita Malyavin wrote:
> >
> >
> This error seems to be unused... Considering that, do You still want the
> macro added to mysql.h?

Okay, if it's never issued, then no need to add the define.

> > > +      if (need_update && !record_was_same && table_list->has_period())
> >
> > I suspect this should happen even if record_was_same. The standard never says
> > "if new values are the same as old values, don't update anything"
> >
> Yes, looks like it never says so. And it was implemented in that way.
> Those two checks --  need_update && !record_was_same -- could be safely
> omitted, they don't change the behavior.
> Because in that way lcond and rcond are false, anyway.
> Maybe it's better to remove them -- the optimization is quite arguable
> here. Up to You, ok?

yes, let's remove. it's not an optimization even, but a bug,
because it changes behavior from what the standard says.

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