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Re: Some more input on optimizer_trace


On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 02:14:51PM +0200, Sergey Petrunia wrote:
> Hi Varun,
> I've did some adjustments MDEV-18489 and pushed the patch into
> 10.4-optimizer-trace, please check it out.
> Also I have filed MDEV-18527 and MDEV-18528.
> Some input on the code:
> > --- 10.4-optimizer-trace-orig/sql/sql_select.cc
> > +++ 10.4-optimizer-trace-cl/sql/sql_select.cc
One more thing - Json_value_context is not really a context anymore.

(the original intent was that "one gets a value context object if the
Json_writer's current state is such that it currently expects a value (and not
a name)"  but apparently it is not used this way. Which is fine, but then I
guess the object should be renamed. (to _helper? or something like that?)

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