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Re: ce29dfac72e: MDEV-18601: Can't create table with ENCRYPTED=DEFAULT when innodb_default_encryption_key_id!=1


Hi, Marko!

On Feb 27, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Greetings from MariaDB Openworks in New York City.
> I just discussed this with Monty. His idea is that "don’t care"
> attributes should be ignored, or at most a warning could be issued for
> them. This allows ALTER TABLE from one storage engine to another while
> preserving attributes that only matter for some storage engines.

This behavior is configurable. We've got many complaints about this
"ignored" behavior. Currently unknown (not "invalid values" - only
completely unknown) attributes are ignored only if
IGNORE_BAD_TABLE_OPTIONS sql-mode is enabled.

> Based on that basic principle, we should ignore the encryption_key_id
> attribute (whether or not it was explicitly specified by the user, or
> inherited from the session variable innodb_default_encryption_key_id).

encryption_key_id is not "don't care", it's something that a user
expects to be used after innodb_encrypt_tables=ON. This was the whole
reason of MDEV-17230 in the first place.

Do you suggest to un-fix MDEV-17230 and ignore the user specified
encryption key id unless it can be used used right away? It's possible,
and it'll fix MDEV-18601.

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