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Re: MDEV-18734 ASAN heap-use-after-free in my_strnxfrm_simple_internal upon update on versioned partitioned table


Hi, Aleksey!

On Mar 11, Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> Hi, Sergei!
> ha_partition::handle_ordered_index_scan() stores records in
> m_ordered_rec_buffer. Then TABLE::update_virtual_fields() updates blob
> buffer and frees the old one. Then ha_partition::return_top_record()
> returns record from m_ordered_rec_buffer with stale blob pointer. What
> should we do with this? I propose to duplicate blob buffer when record
> gets into m_ordered_rec_buffer.

You can make Field_blob to forget that it owns the buffer.
And when reading back from the queue, Field_blob will need to take
over the buffer again.

It's String::release() and String::reset() methods.

The tricky part here is that Field_blob doesn't always own the buffer,
sometimes the storage engine does. So, when reading from the queue and
restoring the ownership you'll need to take care to do it only for
values that Field_blob used to own before, not for all blobs.

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