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Re: 14c2f90ad08: Idempotent INSERT events for system versioning


Hi, Aleksey!

On Mar 13, Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> >
> > Query_log_event() can already store microseconds, see Q_HRNOW flag.
> > So better to add them to Rows_log_event, if needed.
> >
> > But I don't quite understand why it's needed.
> In scope of MDEV-16370 slave adds history record. Master sends UPDATE
> of row (row_start = X.Y; row_end = MAX). Query time is X.(Y + n).
> Slave adds history record and gets timestamp: X from master; F from
> system time fractions.  If F < Y this makes bad history record
> (row_start = X.Y; row_end = X.F).

That's exactly what I wrote below. You can make F=Y, because the event
already contains Y, you won't need to extend it.

> > What you see - microseconds from the system time and seconds from
> > the binlog event - is a workaround for replicating non-versioned
> > master to versioned slave, where binlog events don't have
> > microseconds.
> >
> > In your case versioned-to-versioned RBR, row events should have
> > microsecond-exact timestamps already, you can get them from there.
> >
> > Only Delete_rows_log_event might not have the actual timestamp(6),
> > but this can be fixed on the master, I suspect.

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