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Re: ASAN segfaults on vcol case


The test case does not fail for me when building 10.3
397b6b13d062b28d12e9263710224bfb2269f19f with clang-7, using

When copying your SQL to a .test file I had to append the current
delimiter to the "delimiter" lines. For some reason, mysql-test-run
uses a different syntax for delimiters.

On a related note, ASAN builds with clang-8 always complain to me and
refuse to run any tests:

Could not execute 'check-testcase' before testcase '…' (res: 1):
mysqltest: Logging to '/dev/shm/10.3/mysql-test/var/tmp/check-mysqld_1.log'.
mysqltest: Results saved in
==38044==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: global-buffer-overflow on address
0x561084541bb8 at pc 0x56108350463f bp 0x7ffe571f2390 sp
WRITE of size 64 at 0x561084541bb8 thread T0
    #0 0x56108350463e in __interceptor_regcomp
    #1 0x56108358c6c3 in init_re_comp(regex_t*, char const*)
    #2 0x56108358c6c3 in init_re() /mariadb/10.3/client/mysqltest.cc:8912
    #3 0x56108358c6c3 in main /mariadb/10.3/client/mysqltest.cc:9301
    #4 0x7f137d63a09a in __libc_start_main
    #5 0x561083480c79 in _start (/dev/shm/10.3/client/mysqltest+0x15bc79)

0x561084541bb8 is located 40 bytes to the left of global variable
'epbuf' defined in '/mariadb/10.3/client/mysqltest.cc:8821:15'
(0x561084541be0) of size 100
0x561084541bb8 is located 0 bytes to the right of global variable
'ps_re' defined in '/mariadb/10.3/client/mysqltest.cc:261:16'
(0x561084541ba0) of size 24

When I tried a simple test program that invokes regcomp(), clang-8’s
ASAN did not complain about it. I cannot immediately recognize what
might be wrong in mysqltest.cc. Maybe there is some macro obfuscation
at play.


On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 4:59 PM Aleksey Midenkov <midenok@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This case segfaults in ASAN code:
> delimiter ~~
> create or replace procedure t1()
> begin
>     create or replace table t1 (
>         b tinytext,
>         v text as (b) virtual
>     );
> end~~
> delimiter ;
> call t1;
> Both in 10.3 and 10.4 in different places. Does someone know about such ASAN faults?
> --
> All the best,
> Aleksey Midenkov
> @midenok
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