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mysql-proxy to maxscale migration


I have simple lua script:

cdb = require("cdb")

function read_auth()
        local db = cdb.open("/etc/mysql/proxy/data.cdb")
        local value = db:get(proxy.connection.client.username)

        if value == nil
                proxy.response.type = proxy.MYSQLD_PACKET_ERR
                proxy.response.errmsg = "Access denied"
                return proxy.PROXY_SEND_RESULT

Format of data:
username1 1
username2 1
and so on.

Unfortunately after upgrade from mariadb-10.1 to mariadb-10.3 on buster mysql-proxy is defunct.
Cannot get "mysql prompt".

I tried to replace mysql-proxy by maxscale-2.3.6, but without success.
Failed to load users from server 'server1': Lost connection to MySQL server during query
Aborted connection 8578832 to db: 'mysql' user: 'debian-sys-maint' host: 'localhost' (Got an error writing communication packets)

Note that there is a few hundreds thousands users in mysql.user, but in data.cdb only a few hundreds.
Could you point me to the right place, where to find info how to fix mysql-proxy, or configure maxscale, or some alternative to both?

Witold Filipczyk

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