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Re: GSoC [MDEV-6017]


For the last week I was making some investigations about implementing my
Here are my thoughts about how it can be done.
I want to find all virtual columns that are used in most outer select. Then
try to match expressions in where clauses with vcols and rewrite all
matching ones, including ones in subselects. Then run new Item processor.
When this processor encounters Item_subselect it finds all vcolumns again,
but this time only that belongs to subselect. Then the process continues
I currently trying to implement it. Code is available here
Selects with joins and unions would require some modifications.

I had most troubles with getting all where clauses from subselects.
I am not sure if "if ((*vf)->get_possible_keys().to_ulonglong())" is the
right way to check if there are any suitable indexes for given virtual
And I have some troubles understanding structure of LEX variable after
parsing complex queries with joins, subselects and unions.


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