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Re: CONC/C and CONC/ODBC API and ABI compatibility




25.06.2019 15:52, Michal Schorm пише:

I am a Fedora packager and I'd like to make myself sure on some
assumptions I made.
Just to make sure in the following conversation:
*  I understand "Connector C 3.1.2" as "major version number . minor
version number . release number (or sometimes refered as patch
* In Fedora we use dynamic libraries and dynamic linking whenever
possible. We are building the CONC/ODBC on top of CONC/C.

1) ABI & API compatibility
I assume, the major versions are fully API & ABI (backward)
compatible. That means to me it is safe to upgrade to later versions
of the same major version number when using end-user application.
There's no need to rebuild the end-user app.

"The MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.1 series is built on top of MariaDB
Connector/C 3.x"
That means to me I can build the CONC/ODBC 3.1 on top of CONC/C 3.0
and there's no need for rebuild, when I upgrade to the CONC/C 3.1.
Thus it is safe to upgrade withing one major version without any threat.


Btw, first C/ODBC releases used 3.0 only because C/C 3.1 wasn't GA to the moment. The next 3.1 release will already be using.

That means to me I can update the package in Fedora mid release.
During a lifetime of a Fedora release (let's say Fedora 30), I only
update packages which won't break ABI & API compatibility. If there
would be potential risk, I would push that update only to the next
Fedora release (developement branch - Fedora Rawhide). That's what I
do e.g. with minor versions of MariaDB server. I won't update the 10.3
to 10.4 in the lifetime of one release, but prepare the 10.4 to the
next release. (Fedora Rawhide)

Am I right with above assumptions? Can I safely upgrade within one
major version of the C and ODBC connectors and don't need rebuild of
the dependant packages and end-user apps?
If not, why was CONC/ODBC 3.0 discontinued and hidden?

Should be always safe with ODBC. With C/C everything is possible, and that is basically why 2.3 is still maintained.

But 3.0 is discontinues since we believe 3.1 is complete and safe replacement for it.

2) Version upgrade
Is there any reason to use other than latest GA release of those connectors?
(e.g. to use CONC/C 3.0 series instead of 3.1 series)
Perhaps when using against different MariaDB server major versions?

No. And again - that is why 3.0 is discontinued.

I assume there is not.
If there is, again - why was CONC/ODBC 3.0 discontinued and hidden?

Looks like all your assumptions were correct.

Best regards,



Michal Schorm
Software Engineer
Core Services - Databases Team
Red Hat


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