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Re: 4670c85a48c: MDEV-16222 Assertion `0' failed in row_purge_remove_sec_if_poss_leaf on table with virtual columns and indexes


Hi, Aleksey!

On Jul 05, Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> Hello Sergei!
> Actually I was aware of that, but open_purge_table() looks so
> non-generic, so I decided to push that down. Well, I agree, it's "kind
> of" generic and it will be safer to move a bit higher. But why to
> remove DEBUG_ASSERT? update_virtual_field() relies on is_error() from
> inside. If error comes from outside it will return TRUE illegally.
> Like it happened with current bug. If there were assert in the first
> place it didn't took so long to debug.

Ideally I'd prefer update_virtual_field() not to rely on
thd->is_error(). But changing this is clearly out of the scope of this
bug. So okay, let's keep the assert.

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