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Weekly Report


Report for week 10:


Report for Week 10:


This week I worked on adding system variable feature_insert_returning which
is useful for feedback plugin. This variable increments each time
INSERT...RETURNING or REPLACE...RETURNING is used. Before beginning, I did
some reading about feedback plugin and referred feature_subquery for adding
feature_insert_returning. Initially I was facing difficulty in finding the
test file that was to be updated. I was searching for test file in sys_vars
test suite. Zulip conversation helped me find the right test file and also
a missed step for publishing variable for SHOW STATUS. I have made
necessary changes in the code and have updated the test and result file.

I also found out that the current implementation was not showing the
expected output when AUTO_INCREMENT is used and the fields are not given
explicitly. On using RETURNING it was showing the value of all the rows in
auto_increment field as 0. Fixed that by calling send_data() after
write_record(). This also fixed another thing. The previous implementation,
for INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE...RETURNING was not showing the
updated value in the result set.
Example: If the table t1 has 1 row: id1=1 and val1='A'.
The below statement
returning *;
was showing id1=1 and val='B' for the result even if it inserts val1='C'.
Now it is fixed and is returning val1='C'.
I have updated the result file for insert_returning.

I also fixed line endings for tests and added more comments to make our
implementation more understandable. I github repo is up to date with the
latest changes.

Rucha Deodhar.