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Congratulations on a successful GSoC!



By now, all of you have probably received the results of this year's Google
Summer of Code. I want to congratulate you all for the work that you have
done this year, students and mentors alike.

We have had 4 projects this year:
1. EXCEPT ALL  and INTERSECT ALL operations - Ruihang Xia
2. INSERT ... RETURNING - Rucha Deodar
3. UPDATE ... RETURNING - Miroslav Koberskii
4. Support for indexes on expressions - Alexey Mogilyovkin

Implementing these projects certainly took a lot of effort. The first one
is already merged within MariaDB and the rest will probably follow, after a
bit more polishing. The MariaDB community would be grateful if you stuck
around to watch over your projects, extend them and improve them over time.

I am sure there was a lot to learn from this experience. Now that you have
gotten a feel to what it means to contribute significant features to
MariaDB you are in a great position to help others! In this sense, I
encourage you to keep being active in the community and share what you have
learned. :)

Thank you for a great summer!
Vicențiu Ciorbaru
GSoC MariaDB Foundation Admin