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Implementation of Threadpool


I am implementing a threadpool system to AIX. The AIX equivalent of epoll / kqueue on AIX is pollset (and IOCP, but partial implementation only). However, pollset has only a level-trigger mode and MariaDB needs edge-trigger (see comments of sql/threadpoll_generic.h file). Adding a pollset support in MariaDB would be difficult, and probably not so efficient, as we need to simulate the edge-trigger behavior.
Obviously, AIX has poll and select support. MariaDB has not. Is there a reason to don't implement threadpoll through poll or select? No interest? Performance issues?
MariaDB currently works on AIX without threadpool; in term of efficiency, do you know what can be obtained using threadpool with poll/select or a more modern solution?
As far I know, SunOS/Solaris/Illumos threadpoll system (called "port") is also level-trigger only, but I do not find specific functions to manage this.
Etienne Guesnet.

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