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mdev-19956 - error messages


Hi Igor,

We discussed the problem with error messages with Sergei and both
agreed that a new error message like:

 Subquery is not allowed in '%s'

will be more informative, and it's easy to do.

Why not replace:

  bool expr_allows_subselect;


  const char *clause_that_disallows_subselect;


So we can change the grammar to something like this:

   | opt_generated_always AS
     { Lex->clause_that_disallows_subselect= "GENERATED ALWAYS AS"; }
     { Lex->clause_that_disallows_subselect= NULL; }

The same for other places where we disallow subselects.

This can be done in 10.4 before your patch, as a separate commit.