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Re: 6ac19d09c66: MDEV-16978 Application-time periods: WITHOUT OVERLAPS


Hi, Nikita!

On Dec 04, Nikita Malyavin wrote:
> Another case:
> suppose you have to rows in table with periods (a<b<c<d):
> (a, c),
> (c, d).
> Let us update (c,d) --> (b,d). I call it "move left".
> ha_index_read_map with period_start < d will return (c,d). Again check
> is_update, and call ha_index_prev()

Yes, for update you might need a second check, if the first search will
find the old row. This will be always the case, no matter how you index.
In your patch you also have extra checks for update.

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