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Hello, Sergei!

You wrote:

It's somewhat misleading, because you've used '3' everywhere.
> Please rewrite your tests (all of them, also tests below) to identify
> every operation uniquely.

Nice idea, thanks!

I don't think IODKU is defined via MERGE. Unfortunately.
Yes, the idea behind these comments was to describe a certain statement
through MERGE.
But now I see it confuses more. Thanks to you for that.

Here you do DELETE FOR PERIOD. But above you didn't do UPDATE FOR PERIOD.
> Add also this: replace into t values(1, 6, '2003-01-01', '2003-02-01');
> And tests for INSERT SELECT (also with IGNORE, REPLACE, ODKU) and for
> LOAD DATA (also with IGNORE and REPLACE).
> > +drop table t;
> Now, about semantics. It is very arguable here. One options is to do,
> literally, "insert, if fails delete/update the conflicting row". No
> periods involved here. The other option is to use FOR PERIOD implicitly
> for updates and deletes.

Sure, option two should be chosen. I rewrote the code

Also, added more tests: for double execution, auto_increment,
insert..select and load data as well.

Check out branch bb-10.5-MDEV-17395-replace.

Yours truly,
Nikita Malyavin

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