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Re: 9243921c84b: Make all #sql temporary table names uniform


Hi, Michael!

On Apr 16, Michael Widenius wrote:
> > > ALTER PARTITION shadow files:
> > > #sql-shadow-'original_table_name'
> >
> > Please, add a thread_id here at the end. normally MDL should ensure
> > that no two threads can have a shadow for the same table at the same
> > time, but we have enough bugs as it is to introduce another vector
> > when two threads can overwrite each other temp files.
> That would make the file name even longer and I am not sure what
> happens if we table names goes much over NAME_LEN.  I don't have time
> just now to check for possible name overruns (I think it should be
> save as most engines are using FN_REFLEN, but better safe than sorry.

Well, I'm certain that absolutely all temporary tables must have unique
names. If you're concerned about name overruns use the pattern


then any truncation will only affect the "original_name" part and it'll
be fine.

VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx