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Welcome to Google Summer of Code 2020 with MariaDB



GSoC 2020 accepted proposals have just been announced and you are part of
the successful applicants.

This year we had a lot of very good proposals and so we have a one of the
highest number of students (7) to mentor for GSoC. Congratulations on the
effort to learn about the program, get involved and submit successful

The fun part begins now!

If you have not done so already, please reach out to your mentor and seek
further advice about your project. Each one of your projects can be
implemented in multiple ways, some more complex than others. I strongly
advise you to create a concrete plan based off of your proposal with your
mentor and aim to stick to it. The MariaDB Server codebase is a complex one
with lots of different parts, however your mentor can guide you to ensure
you have a successful GSoC.

Remember that you are here to learn about Open Source, what it means to be
part of an Open Source community, to interact with the community, all while
becoming better programmers. Please take advantage of this opportunity and
keep your technical discussions public, on Zulip
https://mariadb.zulipchat.com, and on our developer mailing list
https://launchpad.net/~maria-developers. By keeping your discussions
public, you get the benefit of not only having your mentor see your
questions but all of the MariaDB community. You never know when someone
might lend a hand in case your mentor is not yet online. :)

The mantra of our community should be that we are always welcoming to new
people. Do not be afraid to ask questions. There are no bad or stupid or
silly questions. The only key requirement is that you first make an effort
to find the answer yourself and only afterwards seek outside help. If you
can show a bit of involvement, the community will show you the same.

I recommend that you agree with your mentor on some form of weekly progress
reporting, via either a blog-post, an email, or something similar that can
be publicly shared. I can not stress this enough: we are working on an open
source project, our work must be done in the open and it is important to *show
the world the good we are doing*.

Hope all of you will have a great GSoC!

MariaDB Foundation GSoC Admin