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Hello mariaDB developers!
I am a participant of GSOC 2020 mentored by Nikita Malyavin and Sergey
Currently I am working on mysqltest parser improvements and I have a
question to discuss with everyone:

To be short:

Currently there are expressions in if and while to be calculated

But it is written using switch and works only in condition block.

Code like:

let $a= 1 + 2
Makes $a = "1 + 2"

Obviously mysqltest syntax needs proper expressions thats why I decided to
make them.
There are following questions:

What syntax do you want to see?

let $a = 1 + 2
$a = 3
Is a bad idea because we will break lots of previous taest cases.

let $a = $((1 + 2))
That is done in a bash style, so it seems to be more comfortable to

Another question is what operators should be in expressions?
To begin with I want to implement:

+, -. *, /, ++, --, <, >, ==, !=

To implement expressions I want to use Byson to make it easier to rewrite
parser if needed

I would be glad to read feedback and critique.

GSOC2020 participant
Balashenko Igor

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