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Re: 5150dfd6ab3: MDEV-17891 Assertion failures in select_insert::abort_result_set and mysql_load upon attempt to replace into a full table



This commit needs way more text than that.
> This is just too misterious now. What asserts fails? What has the test
> case to do with the fix? Why modified_non_trans_table even matters
> without replication? Why it's specific to versioning and partitioning?
> Where trans_safe becomes false?

You are right. To get the answer I had to run the debugger and read the
discussion with midenok.
Though I think one can always GET jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-17891 to see
some details
about what was the exact assertion, what was the stack trace and so on.

I have updated the comment and have added one more test case from the
ticket. See bb-10.3-nikita, or

Yours truly,
Nikita Malyavin