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Re: 21a84e23cf3: MDEV-16437: merge 5.7 P_S replication instrumentation and tables


Hi, Sujatha!

On Apr 09, sujatha wrote:
> Actually there are two variables. When slave fails to establish a
> connection with master
> *|--master-retry-count|*
>   * Default Value:|86400|

Yes, I know. I mean, 86400 is a strange value for a *counter*, because
it's used in many variables as a *timeout* - number of seconds in a day.

I suggest to change the default to 100000 or 80000.

> May be I can configure some values instead of leaving them as defaults, 
> and record them

No, don't bother, please. It's not about your test, just discussing
what could be a less confusing default value for --master-retry-count

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