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Initial prototype for MDEV-10825 Persist exact view definitions DDL


Hi Sergei!

This email is a followup to the brief discussion on Zulip here:


You mentioned we store the view's definition (source) inside the FRM. I've
used that information to extend the I_S.views table with a source column.
The patch is very small, but I have 2 questions:
1. Is this how the feature should look like? I wonder if we should
prepend *create
view <view-name>* to the SOURCE column, to make it behave very similar to
SHOW CREATE VIEW. Perhaps SOURCE as a column name is not the most well
chosen name.
2. I don't know if I should use:
      table->field[11]->store(tables->source.str, tables->source.length,
      table->field[11]->store(tables->source.str, tables->source.length,

when storing the source data.

Here is the patch:

As soon as we agree on the complete specs for the feature, I'll clean up
test failures in other tests, etc.


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