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Re: 61dcf8d940c: MDEV-25908: -e does not work for my_print_defaults


Hi, Rucha!

On Jul 21, Rucha Deodhar wrote:
> revision-id: 61dcf8d940c (mariadb-10.5.11-35-g61dcf8d940c)
> parent(s): f88d130e710
> author: Rucha Deodhar
> committer: Rucha Deodhar
> timestamp: 2021-07-15 16:07:18 +0530
> message:
> MDEV-25908: -e does not work for my_print_defaults
> Analysis: get_defaults_options() rewrites the value for my_defaults_file,
> my_defaults_extra_file and  my_defaults_group_suffix to 0. So the config file
> can't be read.
> Fix: Let handle_options() handle --defaults* option and create a new command
> line to pass it to load_defaults().

The code change looks ok.
But I thought we've seen from your previous push that this test doesn't
work. Haven't we?

See how it failed all over in buildbot:


Please, generally, first check that your commit passes buildbot, then
ask for a review.

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and security@xxxxxxxxxxx