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Re: cdb6db8ce38: MDEV-25444 mysql --binary-mode is not able to replay some mysqlbinlog outputs


Hi, Sachin!

On Aug 10, Sachin Setiya wrote:
> > What does the comment mean? It's the code from the last millenium,
> > does it even apply now? For example, there can be no \0 bytes in the
> > string, because of
> >
> >   if (!real_binary_mode && strlen(line) != line_length)
> There can be \0 bytes in the string in the case of binary mode.

Sure, but in that case we don't want to break out of the loop.

I mean, I can see no case when we *do* want to break out of the loop on
\0 here.

That's why I wonder:

> > in other words, shouldn't we just remove the if? I tried, at least
> > the main suite didn't break.

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